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2022 Client Testimonials

Thankyou Anne & Andrew you got it spot on with numbers, my beautiful Izzy SWD

Jackie H. Nov 2023

Yet again Ann and Andy got everything so right for this special litter...I travelled to Sweden for this so the timings had to be as good as they could...and they were, thank you Ann and Andy you really are the very best in your profession...a litter of 14 was born this week...our biggest litter to date THANK YOU

Heidi P. Nov 2023

Ania Anna.Daisy and her 7 puppies

Annia Ana Nov 2023

5 puppies born tuesday thanks again anne and andy

Debbie S. Nov 2023


Thanks Anne for, as ever, your great service. You told me when to mate, and subsequently when scanned told me 10 puppies due on 24th ????
Come the 24th we had 10 puppies

Claire K. Sept 2023

Very many thanks Anne and Andy - 12 puppies born 10/8/23 - you were spot on with mating dates yet again - so grateful x

Sharon Hub Aug 2023

Very many thanks Anne and Andy - 12 puppies born 10/8/23 - you were spot on with mating dates yet again - so grateful x

Jan R. Aug 2023

Big thank you to Anne & Andy on your help. Both of you are stars and amazing at what you do. Born 3rd of June now 8 weeks old and off to New homes. 4 bouncing baby Puli boys ( sticky buds).

Andy H, Aug 2023

I contacted you and asked if you could provide me a 2 day window to enable me to mate my girl with a stud in Italy ..and ..this is the result 10 big healthy puppies. Oh and date for delivery was spot on. Thank you

Olwen M. July 2023

Thanks to Anne and Andy, spot on the date again. Our girl has given birth to 5 beautiful puppies. One of the girl even has perfectly heart shaped markings ♥️
Tested 6 times before she’s ready on day 22. We would have missed it if we just randomly took her for mating.

Susie R June 2023

Massive thank you to Anne and Andy. Our girl gave birth to 6 beautiful and healthy puppies (3 boys 3 girls)
Picture of mum, dad and the litter. Our boy is a proud daddy again

Susie R June 2023

Thanks anne and andy for all your help and advice with bella. 4 healthy boys and 3 healthy girls born yesterday

Steve S June 2023

A huge thank you. Our Duchess just delivered 5 girls and 1 boy

Kelly A J May 2023


Huge thank you to Anne and Andy for all you do! You really are experts in your field!
Sofia delivered her 5 beautiful healthy babies on Sunday. Everything spot on as usual. Bloods and scan.
Absolutely delighted!! Looking forward to watching these babies grow

Jayne H. May 2023

Thankyou Anne and Andy for all the help and advice. Lola had a lovely litter of 10 pups all, made even more special as I used my own dog.

Louise A May 2023

Hello, we had seven healthy munchkins on 23/3/23 thanks for your help and prompt service.

Melanie S March 2023

Thank you Anne and Andy for your help in producing this beautiful litter. 2 boys and 7 girls!

Helen S May 2023

I just want to say a massive thank you to Anne for everything! We had a lovely litter of 8 ESS born on 14 April. Sadly we lost one

Emma H 2023

Final count, 5 boys, 3 girls! All self whelped ???????????????? Charles Bradbury xxx
Huge thank you once again to Clare Bannister and Andrew Bannister for allowing us to use handsome Arthur at stud with Mirren, we have some beautiful reds and red and whites. Also a big thank you to Anne Morley at matenow in Derby for professional and accurate progesterone testing and pregnancy scanning! Xxx


Hi Ann, I wanted to let you know that Cassie had 7 huge pups last Wednesday

Sam D April 2023

Just wanted to Thank Anne and Andy for all you did with Poppy my lovely Greyhound she had 9 beautiful pups yesterday

Vicky G 2023

5 beautiful pups born on the 8th, thanks for your help especially with AI for the girl who just doesn't like to stand still.

Rachel B 2023

Wow a huge thank you again to Anne and Andy for their amazing help….. spot on again and so happy with these 11 little beauties ….. You are always there when needed and we really do appreciate it , Thank you ???? this picture was taken just after the clean up, and she didn’t want to let them out of her sight ????????

Tracy W March 2023

Having sort your help with the blood testing and advice given with my Fields spaniel and having confirmation that she was in whelp your words were the mating we did is your favourite I am happy to say 4 weeks ago 7 bundles of joy arrived and are doing really well thank you for all your help and late night chatting

Kathryn T 2023


’m a first time breeder of Chinese Cresteds, as is the owner of the sire, so used your postal progesterone service on the recommendation of a friend.
Particularly as I had a 10 hour round trip to do to get to the sire, so I obviously had to get the timings as accurate as possible and also to try and minimise any stress for both dogs.
Followed your advice based on the results and we now have a confirmed pregnancy which is going very well so far.
Thank you for all your help and advice, it really has been spot on and reliable.
Now just to hope for no reabsorbtion and a smooth whelping experience. I’ll post an update when the puppies arrive.
Thanks again. ????

Nicola Bowers 2023

Well what a journey it's been to get these two beauts!
Many many thanks to Ann and Andy for all your advice and guidance! Fantastic people who really want to help you. Can't recommend enough. Tha KS again

Rebecca D 2023

I'd just like to say a massive thank you for all your help!

Nathan B feb 2023

Thank you for your part in this journey , we have 6 amazing little puppies born on the 2nd of January just like you said they would be , all doing well

Mark S Jan 2023

Hi Anne and Andy
Thank you so much for all the help and the best advice possible (to be honest the advice you have given us over 2 litters out weighs many times the cost you charge us for your services)
You told us there were 3 puppies being reabsorbed and at that time there were 4 left, yesterday Bella gave birth to 4 beautiful chocolate Ladrador puppies and you said they would be born on the 10th-11th and again spot on.
You never cease to amaze us with your super accurate scanning and other pregnancy services.
To say we would recommend you is the biggest understatement I could ever make, if we lived in another Country we would still come over for your World class services.

Andrew 2023

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