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About Matenow

We are successful breeder/exhibitors of pedigree dogs & over the last three decades produced 24 UK Champions, alongside our hobby we have been involved with Canine Fertility since 1994 encouraged by a reproduction specialist friend in the USA.

I pursued this venture and trained with the late Mr K Shea and the radiologist Mr S. Constable. Having previously worked in an NHS hospital it was a natural progression into canine reproduction and have been assisting responsible breeders with their dog breeding ever since.

Throughout my time involved in this field I have seen many changes, some for the better such as the rise in popularity of the most precise form of ovulation detection for bitches “Progesterone Testing” and some for the worse such as inexperienced individuals offering reproduction services with very little knowledge or experience of dog breeding in general.

Being breeders for 35 years we have experienced every triumph & tragedy imaginable, from mating, whelping & rearing. our experience is vast and it is this depth of knowledge on all levels we are happy to share with our clients.

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About Matenow

Matenow been actively involved in showing since the late 1970’s and involved with breeders since the late 1980’s.

We realise that not everything runs smoothly in the world of “dog breeding” and our services are aimed to assist you with this process.

We are available 7 days a week (8am-8pm) & in the event of emergency scanning, 24hrs a day.  All services offered are completely confidential.

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