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Canine Sperm Testing

Sperm testing is ideally done with a teaser bitch present (a bitch in season) this is to maximize the chances of getting a good representative collection of the dogs semen in relation to his sperm production/quality.

Not having a teaser bitch can have a dramatic effect on a collection as can having a bitch present that the male is not interested in.

Collecting sperm for analysis is completely subjective on how a male reacts to surroundings, willingness to perform , willingness to be handled and sexual arousal and of course his general health therefore conclusion can be made on the day of a collection as to whether the semen is viable but cannot be guaranteed thereafter because of some of the variables mentioned above.

Sperm enhancing products are available here if their use is advised.

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About Matenow

Matenow been actively involved in showing since the late 70’s and involved with breeders since the late 80’s we realize that not everything runs smoothly in the world of “dog breeding”, the services offered are aimed to assist you with that process.

We are available 7 days a week & in the event of emergency scanning, 24hrs a day. All services offered are completely confidential.

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dog progesterone and ovulation testing

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