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2020 & 21 Client Testimonials

Words can’t describe how happy I am to have you home feeling better my little chimp ?
We had a worrying day after discovering Cara Tilly had an advanced open pyometra. She had an emergency spay and lost a few teeth too. But she’s here and I’m counting my blessings for listening to my gut. She’s never been shown but boy she makes up for it in every other way - I couldn’t be without her in my bed every night. ??
Special thanks to Anne Morley who was up at the crack of Dawn and… See more
— feeling thankful with George Pritchard.

Drew Pritchard (Oct 2021)

Thank you Anne Morley for everything. Delilah and her puppies are doing great.

Cheryl A C (Oct 2021)

7 healthy babies, 5 boys 2 girls born naturally! Luna scanned for 7 with Anne Morley at matenow so we have possibly finished! Thank you Anne and Andy for another accurate progesterone test and scan xxx A huge thank you to Clare Bannister for allowing us to use handsome stan at stud xxx and Well done luna you are a superstar xxxxx

Cheryl C (Oct 2021)

Thank you to Anne and Andy 5 pups arrived yesterday afternoon

Debbie Southgate (Sept 2021)

Another successful outcome from progesterone testing by Anne, as normal, born on the day predicted!

Rob Wheeler (Sept 2021)

Thankyou both!! Purdey had a beautiful litter of 7 KC labrador puppies. 4 boys and 3 girls. XX

Alyson Burchell (Sept 2021)

After a failed mating last year, I decided to give Anne a try. Communication was fantastic and Anne gave me dates to try. Well Im pleased to announce that on Monday 7th Maisie gave birth to 14 puppies ? thank you so much Anne

Jane Rushton

Thank you again for all your help we have a beautiful litter of 6 babies

Sarah Hill

We are so thankful to Ann and Andy for helping us with our little girl and introducing us to jack. 4 Girls and 4 Boys equal colours too

Karen Brogden

Thank ypu to Anne and Andy, done everything from start to finish other then mum losing fur due to hormones mum and pups are doing excellent

Dale Manning

Thank you for all your help Anne & Andy ... from blood tests , AI and scanning Dottie ... we have a lovely litter of stunning Labradoodle pups ?

Leanne Milnthorpe

Thank you for all your help from start to finish 5 babies as predicted would recommend you really kind and helpful will be using you again

Vera Allen

Thank you Anne for testing and scanning our beautiful Zuri. The puppies have arrived safely on due date

Ali Pearce

Thank you very much guys ... you have converted me to AI .... you predicted 8 pups and we got a bonus of 10 .. thanks for all your help and advice. Saffy and Barkley

Mark Jordan

Thank you as predicted 4 and would definitely use you again!

Helen Gessey

Thank you Anne and Andy for all your help in me having the biggest Boston litter in 25 years, we just keep counting them ❤

Dawn Law

Huge thanks to Anne Morley!! 6 healthy pups, 3 girls and 3 boys! We are over the moon. Very very grateful for all your help and advice throughout before and during the pregnancy. Fantastic service, worth it's weight in gold.

Julia Margaret

Thanks for your help with testing and scans, 3 healthy boys and 4 healthy girls

Chris Groom

Thank you Ann ❤️ once again u were spot on and we have a fabulous little brood of working Irish setters, wouldn’t go anywhere else for the most fabulous service ❤️❤️ widgey Wilma is a very proud mummy xxx

Rhia Tapper

Well done Anne,
You told us 8 pups, and that they were due on the 14th May.
Never mentioned it would start at 1am and finish after 5am lol
Princess is now a proud mummy of 8 Goldendoodle puppies.

Chris Jamison

Thank you Anne, knowing we scanned for 7 helped in the delivery of the pups born 17th May.
Thank you cannot recommend you highly enough.

Sandra Braithwaite

Thank you Anne, Bella gave birth to 8 beautiful pups all doing well arrived on due date ?

Susan Weatherley

Cloud delivered 8 healthy puppies yesterday. 2 boys and 6 girls. Thank you for all your help with the hormone testing, matings and scan. I will highly recommend your services

Mr N (name given but withheld for security)

Thanks to Anne & Andy for Blood test, AI & scanning services. Scanned for 6 & she had 6 healthy pups. Her 1st litter. 8 days old. Super proud.

Amanda Satchwell

Would like to say big thank you ?. Due date was 100% accurate ? as scan as well. Our beautiful girl Cora had 7 puppies.
Definitely recommend ?
Thanks Ann and Andy for your help

Paulina Dabrowska

Thanks once again for an amazing service. It is so important to progesterone test! I was convinced fiddy was ready from her behaviour the other day, but she hadn't even ovulated! Fingers crossed time now??

Cheryl Cooper

I can't thank Anne and Andy enough ❤
After 2 fails in the past, we decided to do the whole process beginning to end through their clinic, just when I was about to give up on getting a litter...
Today, right on the due date they predicted, we welcome 12 beautiful gingers to the world.
Thank you so so so so so much ❤

Kay Corominas

Thanks to Anne Morley and Andy for their progesterone testing and scanning. You were pretty close. Predicted 8 got 7 predicted Monday delivery born Sunday. Thank you so much ?
I wouldn’t go anywhere else

Rachael Salter

Another big thank you to Anne and Andy for their services spot on as always and my dream has come true 2 girls and a boy I am so so happy I just can't thank you enough ?

Barbara Jeanne Goudie

Thank you Ann & Andy for all your services! (Progesterone, AI & scan) These pups were born bang on date given and you predicted 5 also. Mom and babies doing well. Hope to use you again in the future ?

Lucy April Prosser

Hi Anne!
Just wanted to let you know my girl had a lovely litter of 8 chunky babies on Monday!
Thanks so much, as always for your support, scan and progesterone tests both spot on x

Mrs N

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for a super service and even talking me through it all on the phone. I was told we had missed her, by someone using a probe, but you were adamant she hadn’t. Result-12 beautiful Leonberger pups! Totally recommend this service. Thanks again, Kate ?


We had a successful litter of 10 puppies
Thanks Ann and Andy for your help.

Diana Read

Annie would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Anne and Andy for your expertise and help in getting these little bundles. Couldn’t have done it without you!

Name withheld for security purposes

Massive thanks to Ann and Andy once again everything from start to finish thanks to you both

Dale Anthony Manning

Would like to say big thank you ?. We used progesterone testing and scan service. Due date was 100% accurate ? as scan as well. Our beautiful girl Masa had 8 babys.
Definitely recommend ?

Indre Cesniene

Hi Anne, sorry it’s taken me a few days. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to both of you for all of your help with Nixie. I had given up ever getting a litter from her and this was to be my last attempt - now we have 7 gorgeous babies all doing really well and she is being a super mum. Thank you

Name withheld for security purposes

Just thought I'd drop you a quick email to say thank you for all your support and expertise with Mini. We couldn't have done it without your help and we wouldn't have this beautiful litter of puppies today. We'd definitely come to you again and we would have no hesitation in recommending your services in the future.
Mum and pups are doing well and plumping up nicely.
Kind regards,
Carl and Dawn.

Carl & Dawn

I would like to thank Ann and Andy for your fantastic services at progesterone testing and scanning.
You scanned for 9+ pups and 12 arrived on the exact date you predicted. I would definitely recommend your services, you’re amazing ??

Name withheld for security purposes


Thank you Ann for everything you have done 6 beautiful Cavapoos born 28/2/21 x

Catherine Newton

Thank you very much both for your amazing job and right advices, my GSD Kaira has been scanned today and we can see 7+ little puppies
on the screen.

Kamil Wabik

Thanks very much for all your help and expertise. Kira’s litter of 6 (3 girls and 3 boys) arrived on Valentines Day without any problems. Look forward to seeing you again in the future.

Clare Evans

Thank you so much Anne & Andy! ?
As usual, your services was just amazing! ?
Yumi safely delivered 4 stunning puppies on Valentines day ???❤
Unfortunately 5th one didn't make it to due date, but thankfully to your skills we knew what to expect and could make right decision on time ?
We will never go to anybody else.

Jekaterina Mudrova

Mr M
I would like to thank you Ann and Andy for your excellent services progesterone testing and scanning. As predicted 9 pups on the date you said. Definitely recommend your services.

Mrs M (Feb 2021)

Hi Anne,
thankyou for all the support with Ali . Bang on time and number as predicted ?
Wouldn't go anywhere else for progesterone testing and scanning skills !!!

Linda Sprous (Feb 2021)

Thanks to Anne Morley & Andy for their support and expert advise, this our first litter. I have to visit them in New Years eave at 22:00 for emergency scan so pleased they helped me to save lives of other 3 pupies. Happy family of healthy seven German shepherds ?

Dmitrijs Azevs (Feb 2021)

Another successful, (large) Spanish Water Dog litter thanks once again to the professional advice and help from Anne and Andy. My introduction to this helpful, friendly and highly knowledgeable couple was back in 2007. I have learned so much from you over the years, wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you so much. ???
Lynne Walker

Lynne Walker (Feb 2021)

Hello Anne, sorry I am late with my gratitude but here it is - thank you so much for the fantastic accuracy and patience with us. Our little border terrier bitch (you did 4 tests in September) had 7 smashing babies. You gave us two dates to mate her and we mated her on the in between date, just the once. Thank you and hope to use your services in the future, wouldn’t risk going anywhere else!
Thank you again,
Mrs F

Mrs F (Jan 2021)

We used your progesterone testing service to tell is when to mate out bitch. You gave us our due date and when it arrived we quickly realised there was a problem with the labour which was not progressing. We could relay all your information to the vet and this helped ensure 10 healthy English Setter pups were born. Thank you.

Name Witheld on request (Jan 2021)

Hi Anne!
Just wanted to let you know my girl had a lovely litter of 8 chunky babies on Monday!
Thanks so much, as always for your support, scan and progesterone tests both spot on x “Mrs N” ( name withheld for security purposes)

Mrs N (Jan 2021)

I wish to thank you for your services this is betties litter born 10th December we have 12 wonderful babies thankyou Mrs S ( name withheld for security purposes)

Mrs S (Jan 2021)

Mummy and babies doing fine, born the night of 10th/11th January just as you predicted Anne Morley
. Thank you to you and Andy for all your help. My girlie had 5 pups, 4 were breach births and 1 normal, no losses thank goodness. All pups doing well and gaing weight. Mummy is doing a great job and is fine too.

Vanessa Griffin (Jan 2021)

Hi Anne and Andy, thank you once again for such fabulous service and support that helped to produce 5 healthy pups 7 days ago. You are an awesome team!!

Maureen Thompson (Jan 2021)

Anne/ Andy
Thanks you for your amazing services once again. Sali did whelp 7 puppies 12 days ago. We sadly lost one but have 6 amazing little ones

Neil Treharne Davies (Jan 2021)

I really cannot thank this lovely couple enough for the amount they have done for us, our girl went into problems near the end of her pregnancy and had to have an emergency csection so we were forced to only take home the puppies at first and these 2 have helped me stay calm and taught me how to feed the 10 babies by hand!
Sadly we have lost 2 of the puppies but the other 8 are thriving and getting bigger by the day
Our girl was very poorly n had to be spayed and have a blood transfusion but is now pretty much back to her normal loving self ❤
Thank you really doesn't feel like enough! You guys are amazing!!! Xx

Kiera Hargraves (Jan 2021)

Thank you Anne for the fantastic service you offered with Chloe, especially the last minute scan today.

Janet King (Jan 2021)

"Hi Anne just to let you know my girl whelped 9 puppies as you predicted, thanks for all your help with blood tests and scans"
Name given but witheld for security.

Mr S (Jan 2021)

Thank you, just to update you my girl had 10 bundles of joy born on the 5th January after using your service.

Wendy Mc Quillan (Jan 2021)

Huge thanks to Anne
& Andy, a super large Christmas litter of Spanish Water Dog puppies. Since using your progesterone testing to pinpoint optimal time and always taking your advice, this is the 11th consecutive good sized litter we’ve had. I’d never go anywhere else!!?????

Kate Hidgkinson-Rutherford (Jan 2021)

Thank you Anne & Andy as you predicted Elsie had reabsorbed one baby and she has given birth to a 292g baby boy on the date you said, thank you once again for all your help it is priceless........

Dawn Law (Jan 2021)

It’s took a few years but here they are!
Treasure and Ch Rogue babies
Snowflake Lolly Latte and Snowball
Definitely worth the wait ❤️
Thank you so much to Anne Morley & Andy for all their help!

Nicola Welbourn (Dec 2020)

Hi Anne, our babies were born last night and early this morning 4 puppies as scanned and bang on the date you said.
Many Thanks to Anne and Andy for your help in mating dates and whelping due dates your knowledge is priceless.
Have a Great Christmas and New Year
See you again soon ?

Mrs G (Dec 2020)

Hi Anne and Andy, we want to thank you so much for your help. Thank you for arranging a suitable mating date, confirming pregnancy and setting due dates. After the scan you told us that it was definitely 7 or more and it was 9. Thanks to the information about 7 puppies, we started to worry when after giving birth to 6, the labor stopped for longer. Then you helped us by making another scan and confirming that there is still one and there may even be 2. You even made an appointment with the vet, thanks to which we saved 2 more puppies. I know that it was neither my first nor last visit to you
Name given but withelf for security.

Mra K (Dec 2020)

I had a 4 hour round trip for each visit, 4 visits, but so worth it. I really do believe, if you want to succeed, you have to use the very best resources available, matenow are brilliant, efficient, accurate and so very experienced. Scanned for 8, arrived within a day of due date. I'm so pleased I chose to use matenow, great service, and I have a fabulous litter. Many thanks”
Name withheld for security purposes

Mrs C (Dec 2020)

Mrs W “Hi Anne. Nita had 6 puppies born 2/12/2020 super happy with them thanks for your help with Progesterone test and scan”
Name withheld for security.

Mrs W (Dec 2020)

Mrs D
"Thank you Anne and Andy for all your help in producing our 9 beautiful puppies. Great friendly and professional service. Would highly recommend xx"
*Name witheld for security purposes as requested by client*

Mrs D (Dec 2020)

After struggling to find reliable blood testing we cannot praise Anne and Andy enough for their professional, experienced advice ...
Driving to Derby on a false reading is not fun !
Today we had our beautiful girl Miracle scanned and we can expect a beautiful litter in January ...
We are thrilled ... and most grateful !
Thank you !

Martin Alekseenko-Simpson

Thank you for helping me produce my first litter. 8 beautiful puppies ?

Anneli Ives (Nov 2020)

Thank you yet again ann...with your expert help with timings we have been fortunate enough to introduce these 13 beautiful bundles. Your services are priceless ...THANK YOU ?
— feeling thankful.

Heidi Parsons

Many thanks to Anne and Andy for you help in mating dates and whelping due dates! Rouge delivered 8 beautiful puppies in the early hours of wed morning!

Honour Harrison

Thank you so much to Anne and Andy absolutely amazing , reverse progesterone test yesterday and all tests done with Anne a prefect litter of nine puppies , would never go anywhere else

Julia Halliday

Thanks anne with the blood test. Great result.

Lorraine Simpson

Mrs B “Hi, you progesterone tested my girl, a maiden, the result 12 super pups!. A big thank you, won't use anywhere else!

Mrs B (Oct 2020)

Many thanks Anne and Andy, 6 perfect pups from our Purdey. The 3 1/2 hour drive, through heavy rain and storms to get to you was worth knew she was ready that day!! Xx

Wendy Berry (Oct 2020)

Thank you again to Anne and Andy for your amazing services. Have used you for 4 litters and spot on advice and progesterone testing every single time!

Bella had 8 gorgeous babies on the 7th of October ?

Jake Harris

Thanks for all your help and advice 4 lovely chow chow pups delivered

Gary Southgate (Oct2020)

Our beautiful girl Rouge is scanned in whelp 6+
Many Many thanks Anne and Andy for you precise calculation over ovulation and exact times for mating, you are experts in your field. Rouge is our first Viszla we are chuffed to bits!

Honour Harrison


Thank you Anne and Andy for your help. Profesional and great advice. Xxx

Ala Kawka (Oct 2020)

Massive thanks to you both for all your help.
Storm had 8 puppies 1 day after due date. And you were right there was one hiding - the odd one out! ??

Kim Spencer (Oct 2020)

A massive thank you to Anne and Andy, awesome service again, professional and great advice... Biscuit has blessed us with 8 beautiful babies... xxx

Gilly Naggington (Oct 2020)

Thankyou to Anne Morley
& Andy for all the help and advice with Luna and for the recommendation of a great stud dog. Luna had nine gorgeous pups by emergency caesarean on 3/10 seven girls & two boys. Mum and pups are doing brilliantly.
Would recommend this service to everyone ??

Jayne Ragan

Huge thank you again to Anne Morley
, spot on with testing, scanning and due date!!. You are experts in your field! 7 beautiful puppies born last night, Darcey is a wonderful mother. X

Jayne Harrison

Forgot to post this ! Thank you Anne for great service again , including a drop in en route to our destination 6 hours away ( and on a Sunday ) to get a last minute blood test to be absolutely spot on...10 gorgeous pups born 2 weeks ago x

Gemma Jacobs

Thank you Anne and Andy spot on with numbers and 3 little girls, thank you so much for your continuing expertise we would be lost without you xxx

Dawn Law


I just want to say what a amazing couple Ann & Andy are we followed everything you said to do the lead up to Mopsa’s date for mating and four weeks later you scanned and you stopped counting at eight , totally overwhelmed with emotion, my girl had no problem going to visit them infact she knew and would get excited that just tells you how caring they both are

Julia Halliday (Oct 2020)

A massive thanks to Anne&Andy
Yesterday we welcomed 5 beautiful shitzus in to the world and we couldn't be anymore delighted. 4 girls and 1 boy ,5 as you predicted Anne and a day before her predicted date.i couldn't recommend these guys anymore they are absolutely brilliant at what they do and are very professional
Thanks so much

Katrina Smith (Sept 2020)

Thanks to Anne Morley
and Andy on all the help and once again right on numbers x

Kate Lewsley-Lewis (Oct 2020)

Thank you ? for all your help again daisy gave birth to 9 puppies yesterday ???

Lindsey (sept 2020)

Big thank you to Anne for the spot on progesterone test and AI which resulted in 5 self whelped French bulldog pups on her first litter.

Tracey Bussy Sept 2020)

Yesterday we welcomed into the world beautiful healthy litter of St Bernard puppies . Mum -Kleo Gigant z Lisowa and the puppies feel great . Big thank you to Iza Yates and our amazing Kids for help and support . Huge thank you to Anne Morley and her husband Andy from Matenow - Canine Pregnancy Scanning and Dr Abdul Rehman from Blagreaves Veterinary Centre for their fantastic professional service and huge support ?

Magdalena OrzegWydra (Set 2020)

These 6 little bundles of joy arrived yesterday morning.
Huge thanks to Anne & Andy for another successful litter from their excellent progesterone testing and kind relaxed scanning.

Mandy Romeo-Dieste

Dear Anne and Andy, thank you both so very much for your guidance and support. We are delighted to say our millie and her Staffordshire bull terrier boyfriend TJ are proud parents of 8 puppies ?. ❤️ Will highly recommend your service to anyone, massive thank you.

Annemstaff Staffords

beautiful baby girls delivered on the day Anne said and the correct number of pups, I can’t recommend Anne and her unbelievable expertise in all things breeding dogs, I’d never trust anyone else with my precious girls.
Thank you so much Anne ?

Mrs L (Septemeber 2020)

Thank you Ann from mating to exact scan count. Mum & baby’s doing fantastic. ??

Vanessa Mee Smith (Septemmber 2020)

Thanks to Anne & Andy again for their blood testing & scan service.our 1st time mum Heidi , who has erratic seasons, was mated on day 17 as advised by anne. Scanned for 6 & 6 arrived 3 days early, but all well & mum doing a great job feeding them.?

Amanda Satchwell (September 2020)

Another successful scan from Anne today, thank you so much for the help and advice again!!! Roll on the next 4 weeks when the fun begins.. from blood testing, mating and scanning the advice is always spot on and priceless!!! Xxxxxx

Gilly Nagginton (September 2020)

Thanks again!

Pat Bell

Huge thank you to Anne Morley
for the progesterone testing spot on we had 10 beautiful puppies yesterday

Jenni Weaver (September 2020)

Massive thankyou for your services. We have 7 beautiful Labradoodles now 5 days old and thriving. ❤️?

Lou Bently (September 2020)

I have bred 4 litters now using the brilliant services of Anne and Andy.
Each time the mate now date , number of puppies and the date of birth has always been spot on. The only possible improvement that could be made would be to predict the actual second of the day the pups would put in an appearance ?....Once again..Mate dates spot on, due date given 7th to 8th Aug ...number of puppies seen on scan 6.....BANG ON between 7.30pm and 12 midnight last night 6 healthy pups were delivered. Brilliant service Thank you ?????

Jane Harnett (August 2020)

Many thanks to Anne and Andy for your services. Progesterone tested and ai done by yourselves. Cadbury had her litter yesterday bang on due date. After failing previously elsewhere, we were over the moon you caught her this time round. Many thanks

Kirsty Lee (September 2020)

Thank you Ann, River had 7 adorable pups

Kim Langley (September 2020)

A bit late but thank you Anne Morley
. Got the mating timing right and were exactly right with the due date and 6 pups ??.

Jackie Martin

Anne Morley and Andy thank you so much for your help with this litter it would not be here without your help ,Ella delivered 7 healthy pups last night mum and pups doing very well .

Jackie Powell (August 2020)

Huge thanks to Anne Morley
& Andy for a great service yet again. Two more litters of 7 pups born within days of each other.

Kate Hodgkinson-Ruitherford Chanderhill Spanish Water Dogs (August 2020)

Thankyou Ann for your exact number count on our pups. Vet said 2, you said 4. We have 4.

Shelly Robinson

Babies are a week old now. Many thanks to Anne and Andy for their hard work and advice ensuring their safe arrival.

Fonia Mace (August 2020)

“Huge thank you to Anne and Andy for all of their help and support in making these puppies a reality!
A healthy litter of cockapoos!
Following 3 failed attempts previously with other people, Anne and Andy gave support and advice every step of the way from progesterone testing to finding us a more suitable stud dog to AI. 100% recommend. We wouldn’t use anyone else in the future xx”

Mrs H (August 2020)

Just like to say a big thank you to Anne and Andy for all their help progesterone testing my rather awkward bitch (!) and for little Bobbie who had a bit of a poor start. Thankfully Anne and Andy were there to give advice, showed me tube feeding and supplying equipment to enable Bobbie to survive those first few tentative days. Bobs was born with a rare congenital condition but was a fighter and deserved to be given a chance. I’m not sure Bobbie would have had a successful outcome without Anne and Andy’s support.
I am pleased to report that Bobbie is fit and well following his successful surgery to rectify his problem and is now homed with a delighted owner who I know will give Bobs the love and care he deserves.
It is great to have a happy ending!

Bev Hanna

Thank you Annie, as always spot on with the dates
9 beautiful Bracco Italiano’s all girls, over the moon ?

Lisa Summerhayes (August 2020)

Thank you Ann and Andy
Another successful mating
I highly recommend you guys!

Melissa Bell (July 2020)

Thank you Ann, here is Maddie with her puppies

Eileen Henderson

Thunda ( choc n tan) had her pups 3 weeks ago. On her due date given by Anne.. Was scanned for 3 and had 5 ?
Raynie ( gold) was scanned for 7 but had 8 ?????? a day before her due date but had them over 2 days ?
Blood tested by Anne and Andy. I would never go elsewhere with my dogs.

Brooke Hill (July 2020)

Bit late posting this.After trying unsuccessfully to get the dog pregnant elsewhere we then were introduced to Ann and had success first time will never go anywhere else now.

Claire Richardson

Thank you for the advice re bloods and matings, predicted exact day of birth, just missed 4 pups on scan, had 9 not 5?

Rob Wheeler (July 2020)

Would highly recommend Anne and her husband to anyone! Simply brilliant in her field, Alice was scanned for eight, look at them now ?

Honour Harrison (July 2020)

Massive thank you to Anne for all the hard work she does for us

Emma Vernon

What fantastic service. I was so nervous didn't have a clue and Anne was there for me every step of the way. I truly believe that without her that these pups wouldn't be here!!!
Thank you

Linsay Emma (July 2020)

Thank you Anne and Andy for a first class service and for your sound advice, "Chilli" and her 4 boys.

Graham Mullis (July 2020)

Just wanted to say a massive thankyou to Anne
. 4 girls and 2 boys born this evening . Excellent and professional service which I will be highly recommending in future for both Progesterone and Scanning

Dave McKimm (July 2020)

Thanks again Ann and Andy!
Betty’s babies arrived this morning, spot on with dates once again! Thankyou for all your help!
7 chunky babies! ?

Sarah Jane Newton (July 2020)

After help and advice from Anne Morley,Zoe was mated as instructed then scan showed 7 pups so we had an extra surpise when she had 8 gorgeouse babies,Anne did say though she thought one could be hiding!!Not much gets past her! Thanks so much.

Mrs S (July 2020)

Thank you guys for another successful mating/scan and this time I also used your Reverse Progesterone testing service. I was extremely pleased with the peace of mind it gave me about not rushing into a c section too soon, or waiting too long. It can be a fine line between success and disaster as many of us sadly know. It has been a horrific week for me, losing Ellie Bear. Those that knew her know just how much she meant to me. I’m pleased that at least I was able to give her a comfortable pregnancy without the worry due to your skills and I will certainly use reverse testing again in the future. Thank you for everything xxx ( nfs) RIP Ellie Bear xxx

Cheryl Cooper (July 2020)


Thanks Anne Morley
scan predicted 7 pups and we have 7 healthy little babies x

Cath Northall (July 2020)

Hi Ann, just wanted to thank you for your help with Flora , you were spot on with her due date they were born on 22nd all 11 of them !!! Will forward you photo of Ginny she had 4 lovely terriers too!! Rachael.

Mrs P ((July 2020)

Would like to say a massive Thankyou to Anne and Andy for all there help, we had progesterone tests and scans with them, we scanned for 7 and we got 6 beautiful chunky puppies and bang on due date ! There help and advise and knowledge is second to non. If we ever have another litter we will be sure to use them again and I’ve already recommended them.

Mrs B (July 2020)


this is by far the best service i have used for both testing and scanning. i recently wanted to use the service for 2 of my girls but could not get bloods taken due to the current crisis. we will be back, highly recommended

Leah Todd-McCoid (July 2020)


Thank you so much for all your help and support with my litter it was good to know you were there for me with advice and instruction at all times, fabulous couple and business.

Amanda Fryer (June 2020)

Many thanks for such accuracy with progesterone testing Daisy.
I’ve never had such accurate timings.
Daisy scanned this morning with 9-10 puppies

Mrs S (June 2020)

Just a quick thank you to say Fannie has 6 beautiful puppies that are 5 weeks tomorrow, please if you use the photo can you not print my name as paranoid about unsavory characters knowing I've got pups xx thank you for all your help x

Mrs E (June 2020)

My very special Aussie babies left for the new homes this weekend, thank you so much to Anne for making them happen. After much debate with the stud dog owner who kept saying we should travel (it took 24hours to get there) Anne kept telling me wait and she was right the end product was 7 very unique babies ? thank you Anne for making them happen, we would have travelled to early otherwise and most likely she would have missed ?

Sarah Gibbons (June 2020)

Would like to say thank you to Canine Progesterone Blood Testing (
for blood work and scan, you was amazing with nala even though she had a slight attitude, it didn’t faze you, so professional, nala was scanned for 9 puppies but actually had 10, sadly 3 born sleeping, mum and pups all doing well ? thanks again guys highly recommended

Megan Storer (May 2020)

A huge thank you to Anne for another successful mating & follow up scan with our babies, Stan and Ellie! We are expecting a litter in around 3 weeks time! Also, we use Anne for handling our stud Stan, and have a 100% success rate ? Thank you guys for your expertise and professionalism. Cheryl xx Beasha Bulldogs

Cheryl Cooper (May 2020)


Interesting this one - had a bitch tested with the “IDEXX Machines that have have more recently been sold into vet practices. (was away on hols so had no option) Results came back to mate earlier than I expected. Had 2 good matings and the bitch was scanned by Anne a month later as empty. 8 months on, used Anne for what turned out as 3 progesterone tests, 2 ties and a scan today confirmed a pregnancy. It was super important as this bitch was almost 4, I’m very grateful and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Rob Wheeler (May 2020)

“Here is my wonderful Wilma & her amazing litter of 12 .Thanks go as ever to Anne & Andy who were responsible for the making of this dream team from their conception to their birth !! ?”

Mrs L (May 2020)

"Cheers Anne and Andy without progesterone testing we would never of got the right time. She is such an awkard girl, comes in season and goes out very quickly. We got 5 little bundles of joy. Would highly recommend ???May 2020)"

Mrs L (May 2020)

Hi i have just read your post we used you and had a beautiful litter of 9 pups born on the 8th april your service was 1st class i have also recomened you to a friend thanks again sarah.

Sarah (May 2020)

"Hi Anne, another picture for you! Honey had 10 beautiful pups thanks to your help. exhausted already! Thanks for all your help x"

Mrs R (May 2020)

Thank you so much Anne and Andy for your help yet again with blood testing and scanning my bitch. As always you provided accurate information resulting in some long awaited babies. Take care ?

Mrs Pritchard (May 2020)

5 puppies as predicted! Thank you so much Anne!

Mrs Bedford (May 2020)

Progesterone tested with Anne - 8 healthy pups.

Rob Wheeler

As predicted 8 puppies, all arrived safely and bang on date predicted too .... Momma and pups doing well
Thank you Ann & Hubby for your invaluable service, help and advice, all very much appreciated xx

Jackie Kelly (May 2020)

Thanks for your advice when I was struggling with a litter of 8 that I had to hand rear ❤️ you’ll be happy to know all pups now perfect x

Emma Burgin (May 2020)

Amber delivered 9 beautiful babies, 9th may unfortunately 2 was still born
I’d like to say a big thank you to Anne & Andy for spot on progesterone tests once more. A excellent service 

Mrs Bradley (May 2020)

Spot on every time.
Progesterone test pin pointed the best time to mate.
A scan confirmed 4 babies.
Due date advised 19th May

Four beautiful poodle babies arrived today.
I appreciate this excellent service Anne Morley and Andy.
Your expertise is invaluable.

Jane (May 2020)

Thanks for your advice when I was struggling with a litter of 8 that I had to hand rear ❤️ you’ll be happy to know all pups now perfect x

Emma (May 2020)

I would like to say a big thank you to both Anne and Andy for the excellent service they offer.
I have used them three times now all with positive results.
This is my latest litter, a big thank you to you both ❤️

Suzanne (May 2020)

Thank you Anne Morley for fantastic help, I recommend the highest level of service.

Thank you very much for these little babies??

Salomea (May 2020)

Thank you again Anne another great result 11 pups born Saturday night

Peter (May 2020)

Thanks Ann and Andy brilliant service as always

Rosie (May 2020)

Progesterone tested with Anne - 8 healthy pups.

Rob (May 2020)

Our lovely girl amber gave birth to 9 beautiful babies, Sadly 2 was still born.
I’d Like to thank Anne and Andy for yet again another spot on progesterone test

Julie (May 2020)

Great full thanks to Anne for all her help and advise for Luna and Rita. We recently welcomed a litter of six and a litter of four gorgeous boxer puppies

Jenny (May 2020)

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Anne Morley for all her help and expertise again with our progesterone testing and scan. We had a few more than expected ! A beautiful, healthy litter of 9! X ?

Betty (May 2020)

Thank you Anne and team for all your help. Would have missed this without progesterone testing (needed 3 tests) as she wasn’t ready for mating till day 19 and 21.

Alice has 11 beautiful puppies ?

Kate (May 2020)

Thank you Anne Morley for all your help I have a beautiful litter of 7 puppies xxxx

Stephanie (April 2020)

Flawless progesterone testing services from Anne & Andy as usual. Their expertise and guidance resulted in 9 gorgeous puppies for our girls second litter ?

Many thanks Anne & Andy!

Jake (April 2020)

Many thanks to Anne Morley for her support and advice - Kiwi had her first litter - 9 plus predicted - 11 healthy puppies born smack on time Good Friday!

Diana (April2020)


He wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you ! Just thought I'd let everyone know, not only are you a friendly caring amazing scanner you also helped me when I struggled with 3 small bulldog babies. You taught me how to tube feed, gave me life saving advice and supplied me with the vital equipment when the vets i was using failed me deeply. Unfortunately I was too late with the 2 small boys but Cutey here is still here and growing rapidly and is very healthy. It is without doubt you have helped me save her life and I thank you very much for that. From the A.I to scanning through to advice and equipment sales, I would and will recommend your services to anyone an everyone 5*****


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