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Progesterone Blood Testing (Postal or Hand delivered samples) Fully quantitative results with advice. (On submission of a blood or serum sample) £30.00
Progesterone Testing with Blood Draw Fully quantitative results with advice £40.00-£45.00
Progesterone Test Kits FREE
Ultrasound Scans (Discounted to £35 if your bitch has been Progesterone Tested with us the same season) £40.00
Rescans Same pregnancy/season £20
Ultrasound Scan (Second Opinion) Second opnion after scanning elsewhere £40
Out of Hours scans (before 8am or after 8pm) £70-80
Artificial Insemination on bitches Progesterone Tested elsewhere, not at all or with ourselves but not to the point of ovulation (Always with Sperm Check) £60.00
Artificial Insemination on bitches Progesterone Tested by ourselves to the point of ovulation (Always with Sperm Check) £35.00
Semen Analysis £35.00
Puppy Colostrum £15.00
caulophyllum 8g £10.00
Glucouse Powder 100g £5.00
Raspberry Leaf 100g or 200g £9.00 or £16.00
Fenugreek 100 tablets £10
Feeding Tube Kits £8.00

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About Matenow

Matenow been actively involved in showing since the late 70’s and involved with breeders since the late 80’s we realize that not everything runs smoothly in the world of “dog breeding”, the services offered are aimed to assist you with that process.

We are available 7 days a week & in the event of emergency scanning, 24hrs a day. All services offered are completely confidential.

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dog progesterone and ovulation testing

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