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Assisted Canine Mating

Despite what we read and what may be believed by long standing & novice breeders alike not all bitches require mating on set days of their season, even with the introduction of the highly scientific method of ovulation timing called progesterone testing not all bitches will stand and allow themselves to be mated at the optimum time for conception just as some males are not always willing to oblige,infact only 50% of bitches will stand and allow a satisfactory mating.

Reasons for this can be multiple, but when the mechanics of the process are letting you down intervention in the form of an assisted mating is an option. The beauty of this process is that it gives rise to the opportunity to check the quality of the semen before use.

Mistakes made on a regular basis are to continually try unsuccessfully to mate a bitch which can result in a lowered sperm count (and in some severe cases temporary sterility) it also often leads to irritation of the male’s prostrate which can result in blood infested semen. This is why I encourage clients to make an early decision as to the likelihood of a successful union and reach out to us for help before the fertile window has passed and/or the males prostrate is swollen and also possibly the sperm count affected.

Continued attempts to mate a bitch unsuccessfully may also lead to a male becoming unwilling to allow himself to be collected manually leaving breeders unable to have the sperm checked and disappointed that their chosen stud dog now cannot become the sire of the planned litter on that occasion.

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Matenow been actively involved in showing since the late 1970’s and involved with breeders since the late 1980’s.

We realise that not everything runs smoothly in the world of “dog breeding” and our services are aimed to assist you with this process.

We are available 7 days a week (8am-8pm) & in the event of emergency scanning, 24hrs a day.  All services offered are completely confidential.

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